Getting Started with Modern JavaScript — Destructuring

Destructuring Arrays

const [apple, banana, kiwi] = fruit;
const [,,kiwi] = ['apple', 'banana', 'kiwi'];
const [apple, …rest] = ['apple', 'banana', 'kiwi'];console.log(rest); // -> ['banana', 'kiwi']

Destructuring Objects

const rectangle = { width: 5, height: 8 };const { width } = rectangle;
const { width, height } = rectangle;
const { width: w, height: h } = rectangle;console.log(w); // -> 5

Default Values

const { password } = {};console.log(password); // -> undefined


String Manipulation

const [firstName, lastName] = 'Max Best'.split(' ');// firstName = 'Max', lastName = 'Best'

Swapping Variable Values

[me, you] = [you, me];// me = 'happy', you = 'sad'

Function Parameter Objects

Multiple Return Values


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