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  • Emma Twersky

    Emma Twersky

  • Vico Biscotti

    Vico Biscotti

    Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes. viconotes.com vicoxl.com

  • Pete Bacon Darwin

    Pete Bacon Darwin

  • Minko Gechev

    Minko Gechev

    Building tools for developers at Google. Angular team.

  • Mark Pieszak

    Mark Pieszak

    Trilon Co-Founder (Trilon.io) — Next level Consulting from Open-source fanatics and key contributors. >> Angular Universal core team >> NestJS Core Team

  • Kristiyan Serafimov

    Kristiyan Serafimov

    Software Developer at Storebrand! Born in Bulgaria 🇧🇬, living in Norway 🇳🇴.

  • Kitze


    Maker https://kitze.io

  • Amando Abreu

    Amando Abreu

    Strong opinions, loosely held.

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